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UKV Festival Classic
Snack Vending Machine

The UKV Festival Classic snack vending machine completes our drum range offering an excellent price/performance ratio, high reliability and modern design

8 drums with up to 36 Compartments per drum
Single selling price per drum
Large LCD display
Capacitive numeric backlit keypad

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UKV Snack Vending Machines

UKV Snack vending machines maintain the highest standards of reliability and design.

UKV Snack vending machines offer a stunning combination of appearance and presentation.

Industry leading, newest digital technology, token and coin acceptance capabilities, eye-catching modern graphics that compliment all environments - configured and supplied by UKV.

Robust & Capable

Built to cope with heavy duty use, the UKV Snack Vending machines are perfect for the widest product range and display and suit any market.


Ensuring the satisfaction of your customers, UKV Snack Vending machines boast delivery bin sensors that detect if products have been vended successfully. The patented ergonomic delivery area opens outwards ensuring that products are always easy to collect. The very highest security comes as standard protecting your stock and your money.

Technical Details

  • Width: 850mm
  • Height: 1830mm
  • Depth: 859mm
  • Power Requirements: 230volts @ 50Hz
  • Weight: ca. 320KG
  • Products(Round Dish) up to 230mm / 9inchs
  • Products(Baguettes) up to 260mm
  • Drum Diameter: 700mm
  • Sector Depth: 280mm
  • Drum Heights (1-6) 130mm, (7-8) 90mm
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